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Our Mission

Our mission is to do the best clinically-informed basic science to advance our understanding of the neuroimmune contribution to chronic pain in a thoughtful manner with our patients always in mind.

In order to further understand the mechanisms that contribute to the transition from acute to chronic pain, we use a variety of approaches that span behavioral to cellular. We are particularly excited about techniques that can be translated to humans including live animal imaging and whole cell mass cytometry.


I love seeing people wearing masks 😷to protect from #COVID19 but cyclists 🚴‍♀️ wearing masks 😷 and no helmet ⛑? Are other people noticing this trend?

CSR has re-aligned several review groups / study sections. Somatosensory and Pain Systems (SPS) study section is now re-aligned as Neurobiology of Pain and Itch (NPI) study section. Neuroscience of Interoception and Chemosensation (NIC) is another re-aligned study section......

My non-science/medicine husband was about to stand up with flip flops on a SUP and I yelled “take off your flips flops! You don’t have any proprioception with those on” and then he yelled “proprio-what?!” 💦 splash.

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Glial Biology


Peripheral injury

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Basic Pain Mechanisms

Perioperative pain

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